A Few Things To Know

We are a group of Professionals and we ask that each Member maintain a professional decorum at all times including Zoom meetings. This group is by invitation only. We thrive on like-minded individuals that choose to join the community. We encourage all members to use your best judgement when joining. We do not recommend joining if it will put you in financial jeopardy. We do not recommend using your last funds. If you do not have extra funds to give, we recommend you do not join. We practice free choice. 

  • We reserve the right to approve or deny anyone who wishes to join this group. Completing Form 1 does NOT mean you are approved.

  • We reserve the right to remove anyone from the group if any policy is broken or detrimental behavior is deemed to have occurred. 

  • We reserve the right to refuse recycling through our program if we deem you are no longer a good fit for the community. 

  • If you break the Level Up cycle without completing all levels at least once, you will be permanently removed from the group.

  • We are an exclusive community. The membership is $50 and for that $50 you receive a digital download. You will also be permitted to start one of our programs for free. Any gifting that you receive, is deemed just that, a gift. It is not guaranteed that you will be permitted to complete the program.

  • It is required that you bring in a minimum of 2 people. After that, once you have been watered we ask that you invite, invite, invite!!! If you do not meet your 2 person requirement, you will not be permitted to move forward. If you are already on a Board and you do not meet the 2 person requirement, you will be pulled from that Board and will have to start over again and submit an additional $50 to reenter. Please be sure that you have 2 confirmed people before starting. 

  • To protect the community from fraudulent activity, it is required that all members use their legal name. NO NICKNAMES in their profiles. No fake profiles allowed.

  • A profile picture is required. No animal pictures, caricatures, face covering, offensive gestures or logos as profile pictures. 

  • All correspondence should be done via one of the appropriate Forms or email. We cannot keep up with text messages, phone calls etc. from hundreds of people. We will check all Forms and emails. We cannot guarantee a response if the proper channels are not utilized. We will call you if we need further clarification.

  • We ask that you invite like-minded individuals who are interested in longevity. Here's something interesting...if each of us had 2 people to join by the end of our first week, Boards would move seamlessly with no effort and everyone would experience a continuous flow. 

  • All members are required to invite individuals to attend a 20 minute Zoom presentation. Everyone is expected to do their part in building the community. Individuals who do not participate in inviting others to join or have individuals to join this amazing opportunity are not permitted to repeat the cycle until they are ready with Fires who are ready to join. It is not fair to have a few members do all of the inviting and you receive gifts without doing your part. Communities help build together! It takes the entire Village.

  • We do not guarantee any outcomes. Outcomes depend on the community. 

  • Flower spots are transferrable with written notice of transfer.  The transfer is between you and that person. It must include both parties full name. The new person must complete Form 1 and under "Who invited you" should state that this is a transfer with your full name.

  • All New Fires must attend at least "1" Zoom presentation. Link is on the Meeting Page.

  • We will post everything everyone needs to know to be successful but it is your responsibility to make sure that your Fires follow through. Not completing the process will delay their gifting. This includes them signing up correctly, completing Form 2 and Form 3 at the appropriate time and knowing how and who to gift their first time. 

  • All gifting should be complete within 1 hour of the Boards being posted. 

  • Waters should complete Form 3 when completely watered or if they are missing gifts. Please use the "Unwatered Form" under the Forms tab if you are missing gifts.

  • Please make sure your Fires are signed up on the website for access as this is the best way for them to stay up to date. Make sure they become a site member on the website. Completing Form 1 does not sign them up for website access. They need to become Site Members which is a separate step that must be taken. This is very important.

  • There are 3 steps to sign up. Please see below.​ You may copy and paste it to text or email to your New Fires.

  • Please do not complete Form 1 more than one time. Once we have you in the system, you do not have to fill out this form again unless you are making a change. This causes duplications in the system.

  • Please be sure to complete Forms 2 & 3 at the proper time, Fire and Water positions only.

  • Admin fees are due after you are completely watered and only when you are completely watered.

  • Please do not sign anyone up until they are ready to start. They will only be approved when you are ready to begin your journey.

  • You are responsible for helping your Invitees sign up. Please help them through the process.

  • Please have your New Fires Sign Up in this order: First...Form 1, then have them become a website member at the top of the Home page. Not following this order could result in them getting accidentally rejected. THEN download the BAND APP so they will not miss any important communications.

  • All gifting of an individual is done on your own free will. Gifts are nonrefundable, they are gifts. Asking for a gift back will result in immediate removal.

  • Being rude to a fellow member will result in immediate removal.

  • Do not ask questions in Group Apps. Please 'direct message' Admins on the Contact Us Page or on Band app. Questions can confuse others and we want to make sure you get the correct answer.

  • The Band Group app is for Admin use only. It is utilized to disseminate important messages. When the Boards are open, the Band app will be open for all during that time.

  • We are not a "get rich quick" community. Gifting can take 4-8 weeks. Depends on group participation.

  • We have ZERO tolerance for negativity or soliciting in our group. Neither will be allowed. Any sign of it will result in immediate removal from the group.

  • Non-gifting members will be immediately removed. 

  • There are no refunds on gifts.

  • Gifting time-frames are within 1 hour of knowing who you are to gift. Please be ready to gift when joining.

  • When gifting someone it is important to contact the person to determine which gifting method to use. All the fires gift the waters directly. The Band App has everyone's contact information and desired gifting methods.

  • It is your responsibility to know your outgoing and incoming payment limits at all times on your chosen gifting methods. Failure to gift the water more than once will result in removal from the group.

  • It is the responsibility of the Water to make a good act of faith to contact the non paid Fire on their Board FIRST! If you are not able to reach them then complete the Unwatered Form.

  • If you do not gift the Water on time, then the Water can reach out to the Fire to find a solution. If you all cannot come to an agreement, the Fire will be replaced.

  • You cannot invite people to get on the Board with you. Fires are placed on Boards in rotation.

  • If you are approaching the Earth position and have not had anyone to join you on your savings journey, you may transfer that spot within 2 days from being notified to bring in your people or an Admin will placed in that position to keep the Board whole. You will be given your initial gift back at the time of watering for that position.

  • No inappropriate communication with Admins or other members. That is grounds for immediate removal.

  • You can share a spot, however, only one name will be placed on the Board and working out the gifting will be between you all, not Admins. The person whose name is on the spot will be gifted.

  • We reserve the right to update polices as needed.

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