Help Desk 

1. If I am in the water and I want to reinvest, do I need to reserve a spot 

Answer: No. when you complete form 3 coming out of the water there is a question that asks if you want to reinvest. You indicate your intentions there 

2.. I can’t sign on to the website.
Answer: make sure when you click log on/sign up,  that you then click the option  to sign up. You can‘t log in until you have signed up and entered an email and created a password. 

3. I only see one flower on the board when logged in from my phone. 
Answer:  if you only see one flower board, click on the flower and the other boards should load. 

4. How do I get the band app.
Answer: go to the Bulletin page of the website and download the band app. 

5. How do I get more fire spots. 
Answer: Go to the forms page on website and scroll down to sign me up for another flower 

6. How do I know how to gift the person in the water. 
Answer: Their phone number is on the flower page. Contact them and ask them their preferred gifting method and handle.

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