Be sure to download our group Band App (on our Bulletin Page) so that you receive important notifications from the Admins. The Band app is an important part of becoming an official member of our community.

You become an official Fire once you have gifted someone!

Please upload the screenshot of your gifting under Forms on the Fire Screenshot Form (click here). If we don't receive this within the time perimeters, to keep our Boards moving, unfortunately, we will have to replace you. If you'd like, you may also email it to us: info@SuccessfulYou.Info

***Fires...This All watering must be complete by Sunday 2 pm Eastern time!!!!



How to ignite your Fire!

Here's how it works:

1) You will see your name on one of the Boards. When you do, that means you have been selected to Ignite Your Fire!

2) You will go to the Band App and look for that person in the Member Section. Search for their name in the    search box if you'd like.

3) Text them to let them know that you are their Fire and that you are about to water them. 

4) Ask them their gifting preference

5) Gift that person

6) Get a confirmation from them

7) Keep a screenshot of your gift to them AND send it to us below on the form.

8) The gifting is to be worked out between the Fire and the Water. The Admins do not get involved unless     the Fire is not reachable. The Water must make an effort to reach the Fire first.

9) Your Fire has now been Ignited!!!

10) Non gifting/igniting will result in immediate removal from the group. We expect all to honor their commitment.

11) Now that you are a sure to read the website contents, invite others to join you on your  journey and wait for your turn to be watered!

Let's keep it going! WELCOME!

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