Candidates Running for Office in South Fulton

Be informed...get to know the Candidates, the men and women running for office in South Fulton County. Click on each flyer to learn more. You will be redirected to their website for more from each Candidate.

*Disclaimer: South Fulton Business Directory does not endorse any candidate. These postings are to inform South Fulton County residents of the Candidates running for office in your area. You may contact, donate and/or volunteer via each candidates website. or below  Click on photo for more information about each Candidate's platform.

Please exercise your right to vote.

Candidates who wish to post their flyer on this site please click here.

Kenya Johnson.jpg
Kenneth Kincaid - Candidate SR District

*Disclaimer: South Fulton Business Directory holds no responsibility for work or services provided by companies or events listed. Please practice safety when hiring and transacting business of any kind.

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