Bulletin Board

Fires Not on Band

All 36 Boards from  the week of 9/27 have been posted from Level 1. There are several New Fires on them who are NOT on Band. It is YOUR responsibility to get your new people/invitees on Band and have them complete Form 1. Follow up with them. When you don't it slows the boards down. Check the list for names on the Band Post, if you know them, help them get on Band. READY MEANS: 1) On Band 2) Form 1 Completed. Thanks in advance!

Signing Someone Up

If you sign someone up by completing Form 1 for them, you must log out first. If you do not, that person will be in your account instead of their own and we will not be able to locate them. Their phone number and email address will override yours. So be sure to Log Out before helping someone or have them complete the form themselves. Lastly, clean out your account of their information. Only your information should be left in your account or you'll still have the same issue.

Your Profile

To protect our community from fraudulent activity and the integrity of the group, it is required that all members use their legal first and last name. No nicknames. A profile picture is required for Band and the website. On Band be sure to add your phone number and the ways you want to be gifted so that Fires know how to contact and gift you. See Lisa's profile for an example. Failure to comply with community profile standards will result in not being asked to continue with the group once you have cycled.

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