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Signing Someone Up

If you sign someone up by completing Form 1 for them, you must log out first. If you do not, that person will be in your account instead of their own and we will not be able to locate them. Their phone number and email address will override yours. So be sure to Log Out before helping someone or have them complete the form themselves.

Your Profile

To protect our community from fraudulent activity and the integrity of the group, it is required that all members use their legal first and last name. No nicknames. A profile picture is required for Band and the website. On Band be sure to add your phone number and the ways you want to be gifted so that Fires know how to contact and gift you. See Lisa's profile for an example. Failure to comply with community profile standards will result in not being asked to continue with the group once you have cycled.

Team Meeting Notes 9/7

Results of the Survey: Level Up won by 2 votes. Now that the voting is over, we decided to give everyone 3 options. You must opt-in to one of the options or you will stay where you currently are. We will not move anyone from any groups. You must complete the Form on the Level Up page to proceed with option 2 or 3. You are welcome to select any of these options at any time as long as you are still in the group. Your decision will be final and you can only participate in one option. 

We are currently creating the Boards for level Up with the people that completed the Form. 

When that is complete, we will pull the people who elected to move to Level Up and the current Successful You Boards will be updated to reflect that.

Everyone now has 3 options to choose from now:

ALL of the options requires You+2. You must bring in 2 people.

You cannot do more than 1 of the options.

Everyone has to submit $50 to join option 2 or 3 and must have 2 people IN the option they choose.

Per the Team Meeting, the Level Up Boards will start with the people who sign up first. Everyone is welcome to sign up at any time but so we don't stop progress, we will start with the people who have expressed they are ready to start. Sign up is on the Level Up page, we do not move anyone from any program to another unless they have signed up for it so therefore, you have to sign up for it to take part. Per the Team Meeting and Band post, everyone was told how to sign up for Level Up. 

You may use 2 people that you brought in previously BUT they must have agreed to continue IN the option you choose. You cannot put down someone's name and they do not participate. Check with them first. You cannot go forward without 2 people.

These options were presented to give everyone the opportunity to receive their initial gift or to leave the group with their original gift in tow plus more. 

Everyone has the free choice to do any of these options if you are a current participant which is also to leave the group.

People who have disengaged will remain where they are until they choose to make a change. We will not make decisions for them.

People removed from the group cannot participate.

1) Option: 1: You may continue with the current Boards (SY- Successful You) and continue to get more Fires so that the Boards rotate. Everyone will need to participate in getting new Fires and the Boards will continue to move. The gifting amount is $500 for everyone, everyone gives and gets the same amount.

2) Option 2: You may cycle out of the group and leave. Go through the $50 Board twice and you have recouped your original gift and more then you leave the group. This is only for the $50 Board.

3) Level Up. This is locked in, you must complete all 4 levels, you cannot leave util you have done so. Please chose wisely and take your time. It is $50 and for that you receive a digital download. This works exactly like the Successful You except the amounts are different and go through 4 different levels. Please see the Level Up page for the levels. To join, you have to complete the form on the LEVEL UP PAGE, please do not complete Form 1 again, that is ONLY for NEW first-time people joining Successful You.

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